Increasing Your Facebook Interaction

Is your business on Facebook, yet yielding a microscopic fan base and a depressing amount of interaction? You’re not alone. But you’re also not using the site to its full potential. It’s a common misconception that businesses can just guess their way to thousands of “likes” and positive feedback. In fact, the most successful companies on the social networking site have most assuredly been following a specific set of tactics to get where they are now.

Hint: They didn’t just guess.

It can be challenging to see the marketing potential from a site that fervently discloses your friends’ drunken documentation, less-than-subtle status venting, and basically every single detail, good or bad, of their everyday lives. Facebook for business So you’re going to have to change your mindset. Facebook is all about connectivity- that’s for sure. But as a business, you don’t have to worry about extending connections past the surface level. No one expects that kind of intimacy.

You don’t have to limit your status updates to discussing the weather, but you really shouldn’t delve much further.

The best time of the day to post is actually after business hours.

Specifically, weekends and from 2pm- 2am. This is when people are off work. It’s when we relax and do whatever is the biggest waste of time. In most cases, that would be Facebook. These times are the best time to post because it’s when user interactivity is at its highest. Another point to note is that while most businesses post during Thursdays, your activity during off-peak hours (weekends/ after work) will grant you more interaction from users because you’ll be posting when they’re ready to engage. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend evenings and weekends in front of a computer. You can schedule postings with various tools. However, it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on your page’s activity. That way, if someone does comment, you’ll be available to offer a timely response.

Share photos and other visually interesting posts

One vital bit of information is the importance of sharing photos as often, if not more often, than status updates alone. A photo can spark an emotional connection in an instant, thus increasing a fan’s chance of commenting or “liking” the image. Whether you upload new office furniture, a smiling customer, or scenes from an event, your fans will enjoy this additional peek into your business. While the feeling may only tickle the unconscious, itas still strong enough to compel fans to interact. Photos are easy to upload and obviously powerful visuals, so every business owner should be utilizing this feature on Facebook. Business Facebook page

Calls to Action are crucial for interactivity

Moving on, sometimes you have to ask your customers for likes. It’s a very simple call to action that will reflect positive vibes. Customers enjoy contributing, especially if they like your business. Most importantly, taking a proactive approach– asking your customers for comments and likes- will increase the interaction rate on your Facebook page. A quick “LIKE if you’re excited for cooler weather!” is a great example of how to engage Facebook fans with a call to action and a statement that is widely agreed upon. You can even take it further: “what is your favorite part about Fall?” and the comments will pour in.

Don’t forget to “Social” in Social Media

Final words- don’t be afraid to show that there’s a human on the other side. Directly respond to comments, post kind wishes during holidays, and definitely address any issues that consumers may have. A timely, composed apology or expressed concern is a brilliant PR move. Maintain a unique voice, one that matches your brand identity. Your posts and photos may develop a rare consistency that will attract fans to your page. That is the ultimate success- and itas not impossible to achieve.

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