How to Choose a St. Louis Digital Marketing Agency

The St. Louis digital marketing agency scene is a vibrant and talented one. With nationally recognized marketers, plus top business and advertising schools in our region, it’s really no surprise.

Because many digital agencies have certain niches or specialties, the St. Louis advertising agency world is not as cut-throat as some may make it out to be. Many have expertise in branding, customer experience, web design, PR and digital.

Ours, of course, is digital – something we pride ourselves on, something that sets us apart.

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Here are a few considerations to make before choosing a digital marketing agency or a St. Louis marketing firm.


Choose a partner, not a marketing firm.
The best agency-client relationships are those that are viewed as partnerships.
Partners understand needs and help find solutions.
Partners listen.
Partners tell the truth.
Pick a partner not a “Yes” man.


If you need a digital team to run SEM or Pay-Per-Click campaigns make sure they are a certified Google Partner.
Confirm how many AdWords certified and Google Analytics team members the business has.


Choose an agency that understands your business and industry. We take time to review industries and markets through our SEO audit process that way our team can fully comprehend how customers interact with search engines, your brand and competitors.


Speak with current clients and review case studies, learn about the agency’s structure. Choose an agency that creates a strategy to help you meet your long-term business objectives, not one that jumps from campaign to campaign.


Understand the costs. Make sure the team you choose knows your budget and ROI needs. Get a detailed explanation of pricing, rate cards, and the scope of work up front.


Ensure the team you’re working with can walk the walk and talk the talk. Can back up their specialties with adept skills? Expertise is critical to the success of marketing initiatives.

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