Stop The Marketing Waste: Lead Conversion & How to Turn Clicks into Cash

If you’re tired of your company losing out on leads or you’re looking for a leg up over your competitors, Evolve Digital Labs is laying out the Secret Sauce on how to consistently increase your company’s lead conversion rate.

After implementing the digital strategy in this blog, your marketing team will be able to convert more leads into customers, instead of losing them through your sales funnel.

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Leads are great. There’s no doubt about it. When targeted correctly and personally moved through your company’s funnel they are what make our businesses grow.

However, it’s troubling when marketers in our digital world measure their strategy and success through website leads. This is where a large chunk of the marketing-into-sales-funnel has it all wrong.

Your company’s success should never be measured by leads. Leads don’t make you money. Lead conversion does.

Your marketing team’s success should only be measured by converting leads into customers. By your profits. By turning those clicks into cash.

Let me first preface, the process of gaining leads isn’t easy and you should reward your team for their hard work. But the process of actually turning that click into cash is what separates the good marketing and sales teams apart from the great ones.

Every lead generated costs a significant amount of time and energy to someone on your team. Even though it has the potential to be your next great customer, more often than not, your leads will, unfortunately, disappear into the digital abyss because they aren’t contacted efficiently enough or with the right message at the right time.

This is a massive area of waste in the marketing world. Billions are lost every year in the attempt to gain a customer’s attention, but once we have it, not enough focus is put on the nurturing aspect.

Evolve Digital Labs wants to put an end to digital marketing waste. Therefore, we will walk you through the process of gaining a lead, ensuring they’re quality, and we’ll lay out an effective framework to guarantee more clicks will transform into cash.

What are proven digital marketing tactics to convert more leads?

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How to Build a Successful Content Engagement & Strategy:

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Content is the name of the game these days. If your company is going to succeed in the digital marketing rat race your content has to be personalized and customer-centric information that’s relevant to your audience.

The Golden Rule: Never create content just for content’s sake.

What kind of content should my brand produce isn’t the question your marketing team should be asking.

Whether it’s a blog post, a social post, a whitepaper, case study, or download, the only question should be, what kind of content will aid our customer in completing the job they want to be done?

Technology has changed what information we can share with our customers online. It has also changed how we interact with customers, giving our businesses the ability to create tailor-made, meaningful, personalized customer experiences.

Your goal as a brand is to create sharable material that is not only seen but interacted with, ultimately opening up the floor for conversations. Our landscape for marketing is constantly evolving and your team has to be aware of how this plays into the big picture.

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Take Facebook’s algorithm changes for example. Their goal is to create the most pleasant experience for every user. They don’t want millions of feeds bombarded with ads. Your branding has to be symbiotic with their wishes or else you’ll never get noticed.

When considering your brand’s content, it tends to all boil down to one thing:


The sole purpose of any piece of content is to provide your customers with vital information that accomplishes their goal: to get a job done.

Your company needs to become the most trusted and reliable source of information about your industry. Every social media post, blog, download, eBook, or whitepaper should be educational, entertaining, and most importantly, shareable. There’s simply too much information available to a consumer to go about it any other way.

Though it may be tempting to reuse content strategies that worked for a previous project, we highly advise against it.

Your consumers are wildly varied and there is never a “one size fits all” approach to a successful content playbook. It’s vital to understand your consumer, the platform on which they’re accessing their content, and what their intended outcome is. Only after your team defines these aspects can you confidently assess your brand’s content strategy.

Take a second to really think about the phrase, Digital Strategy…

The adjective, digital, should no longer be descriptive, but instead synonymous. Digital strategy for many companies once meant getting members of the marketing team together to create a list of trendy tactics and websites. Today, if you’re still strategizing around trends, you’re dead, you just don’t know it yet.

However, if your brand garners trust with useful content, you will generate leads, and with enough brand awareness, those leads will turn into customers. That is the end goal and the purpose of the content. Relevant and applicable material is your most valuable tool, with it, you can target new customers and retain your current ones.

How to Write Engaging Content:

Study your customers. What are they trying to accomplish? What are their questions, concerns, and jobs they want done?

Ask your content strategist to fully understand these four customer aspects before producing your brand’s next digital media strategy:

  • What are they trying to know?

  • Where are they trying to go?

  • What are they trying to do?

  • What are they trying to buy?

If your content is answering one or all of these jobs then your brand is on its way to a successful content campaign.

For example… You’re an mp3 manufacturer thinking about a content strategy. What kind of content would you produce to compete in the iPod market?

Trick question. There isn’t a market for iPods. Consumers don’t want iPods, they want to listen to music.

One day, every product or service will become a thing of the past. Vinyl gave way to cassettes, which gave way to CDs, which gave way to MP3s, and that lead to streaming services.

Just because a technology or a product becomes outdated doesn’t mean the market dissipated. It just means that the consumer moved on to buy a different product that helped the customer get their job done better.

When you study the job that people are trying to get done, rather than the end-product, your team is minimizing your loss to the greatest degree, ensuring you are reaching the right customers with the right content at the right time.

Once you and your marketing team have created a successful content strategy and you’ve utilized the proper social channels to acquire your online leads, it’s time to follow up.

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How quickly should my marketing team follow-up on a lead?

For any lead, the speed and efficiency in which your marketing and sales team follows-up is of the utmost importance. Think of a lead like your favorite meal, you wouldn’t want it to sit out for too long or else it gets cold and stale.

The same goes for a fresh lead. The longer that potential consumer waits without a follow-up or piece of information from your business, the colder they get until they’ve completely forgotten about you or don’t need your services anymore.

In today’s blazing-fast digital and mobile world the level of interest for a lead diminishes drastically after an hour. Therefore, if you’re not actively engaging that person with a message or response, he or she will likely find another business to solve their need or job to be done.

How To Get Leads Online:

If your business is looking to increase your lead generation, Social Media is still one of the best practices. The numbers speak for themselves:

Facebook: Around 76% of adults online use Facebook, and since the rise of Facebook Live, the platform has seen a 700% growth in video views.

LinkedIn: The leading B2B social media platform. The network has members across 200 countries and is perfect for B2B businesses or personal brands looking for growth.

Instagram: There are more than 800 million monthly users on Instagram. It’s a great way to engage with young, visual audiences, particularly in the millennial demographic.

But if your business is looking for lead conversion from customers, social media isn’t your answer.

What’s the best marketing strategy for lead conversion?

Email Marketing is without a doubt the top choice for a nurturing strategy that increases lead conversion. The communication is incredibly personalized and it is also proven to have the highest return on investment. With strategic email marketing campaigns put in place, your team will create conversion-centric content that builds deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost.

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Your team has the ability to control exactly who sees an email by organizing your contacts based on their lead status, ensuring your audience receives content suited specifically to their needs at the right time. This is lead nurturing at its best.

With each email sent, your customers are exposed to your brand with a much better chance of turning those leads into loyal customers.

One of the best aspects of Email Marketing is the ROI is that email marketing brings in $40 for every $1.

If you’re looking for proven tactics for your Content Engagement & Strategy, download our partner ClickScore’s Content Playbook.

You might be saying, well, my content strategy is sound. How can my business convert more leads into clients?

Three words: Improve Keyword Targeting

For your business to form any successful content strategy your marketing team must be able to reach your audience with your content. Keyword targeting strategies make this possible.

Keywords are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign. A keyword’s purpose is to strengthen and nurture the connection between your content and your targeted potential customers.

Why is Lead Nurturing Important to Lead Conversion?

Here’s a fact that might make your stomach sink a bit:

Only 9% of digital ads are viewed for more than a second.

Nine percent! That’s a terrible percentage. Ghastly would probably describe it better.

It is very dangerous in today’s digital world to leave success up to chance. You have to deliver what customers want, exactly when they want it, or else it’s wasted.

A proper Digital Strategy that has lead conversion as its ultimate goal requires an evaluation of all business assets and critical market circumstances.

However, most brands and marketing agencies miss the mark because they focus on “our product” or “our service.” When in all reality they must change their perspective to first answer these two vital questions:

“What is your customer’s job that needs to be done?”

“What is your customer searching for?”

By answering these questions your team will be able to understand your true market and segment it into understandable demographics so your SEO team targets properly.

Alli Berry at MOZ agrees keyword research is one of the most important and valuable steps in your company’s journey to converting clicks into cash.

If your business is ranking for the right keywords, you’ll be in a strategic position to put your content in front of the right audience.

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Your SEO team must research your market keywords. This process will allow your creative and organic search team to know what phrases to target. The more keywords you attain in your list, the more you know about your customers and what job they’re trying to accomplish. The more you know their job, the better your position to for lead conversion. Thus, the more clicks you’ll turn to cash.

As we stated earlier, Digital Strategy isn’t just about getting visitors to your site, it’s about getting the right kind of customer to you at the right time.

When your SEM team develops a proper keyword list, full of 100s to 1000s of keywords, you’re getting into the minds of your customers. You’ll be able to predict shifts in demand and quickly respond to your markets changing conditions.

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Another lesson Evolve Digital Labs has learned over years of successful website audits: long tail keywords often end in lead conversion more often because they catch a customer later in the buying or conversion journey.

Say, for example, you’re a car dealer in St. Louis that specializes in SUVs. You see a customer searching for “cars.” Then you see a customer searching for “best deals on SUVs in St. Louis.” The latter is much further down the sales funnel and we’d suggest focusing on them.

When your marketing team can understand the search demand, you’re setting your brand up for success.

When researching and compiling keywords we suggest your team keeps these questions in mind:

  • Are these keywords relevant to your website’s content?

  • Are these keywords allowing your customer to complete the job they want done?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then your digital marketing strategy is on its way to converting more leads into happy customers and setting your brand up for predictable growth.

If you’re wondering where you can get further education into Keyword Targeting Practices and Lead Nurturing, Evolve Digital Labs suggests:

Examining these segments will help your brand discover which portions of your market has needs that are being underserved. When you use keywords that speak directly to your customers and what they’re looking for, you’re personalizing your digital marketing strategy.

There is no doubt, from a consumer standpoint this is where marketing is headed. If your content is customer-centric in your communication, it will be effective. If not, it won’t.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; would you want a brand shouting your message on a busy street for all the world to hear, or would you want to have a personalized conversation with them?

6 Keyword Targeting Tactics Your Team Should Put Into Action Today:

  1. Add Broader Keywords

  2. Add New Keywords

  3. Increase Bids On Your Keywords

  4. Consider Keyword Insertion

  5. Use Negative Keywords Effectively

  6. Experiment With Long Tail Keywords

When you take the time to learn from your customer’s behavior through digital means, it gives you objective reasoning into more business decisions. The need to collect large quantities of customer and competitive data isn’t just the starting line, it’s the necessary blueprint.

Remember, customer data is all around us, even when your business isn’t collecting. Evolve Digital Labs suggests studying in great detail the number of digital interfaces your average consumer accesses and the frequency in which they use.

For a more in-depth education into Keyword Targeting download ClickScore’s free eBook or visit ClickScore for a FREE keyword evaluation.

You’ve developed a solid content strategy and a full keyword list. Now, the final aspect of converting more clicks into cash, Ad Group Relevance.

How To Improve Ad Group Relevance:

Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple have the platforms that potential customers use every day, all day.

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It is vital for your team to use these channels and platforms to collect information. Once you’ve collected enough information, the next obstacle for your team is to formulate a strategy that separates predictable growth from waste.

You must organize your data.

The act of acquiring it is tough, but the act of strategically knowing what to do with your data could prove to be a significant challenge. Ever since the golden age of advertising, businesses have collected data with the intention of improving products and profits. Unfortunately, most fail time and time again.

The problem in the past wasn’t specifically with the questions or even the pursuit of the answers. It was in the communication. There was a clear disconnect between those asking questions and those giving the answers.

It isn’t realistic to determine change by asking customers questions. They represent themselves, not the market. Satisfaction after completing a job has emotional qualities that distort the importance or need of the product in question.

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Your company’s success with search engines is completely dependent on if your team takes the time to plan and organize your keywords. Like any task that has multiple pieces, organization is extremely helpful in knowing what works and what doesn’t. If you’re not tracking your results, there will be ROI lost and leads will fall by the wayside.

Ultimately, organized keywords will allow Google to figure out how your ads fit into user searches and their lives. In other words, it positions your relevant ads and content to your customers job-to-be-done. The more relevant the grouping, the better the Quality Score.

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is how Google measures the relevance of your content. There’s that word again, relevance.

It is important to have a great Quality Score because it affects your AdWords ad position, the number of impressions, and your cost-per-click (CPC).

Evolve Digital Labs can’t hand out a formula of how Quality Score gets determined since it is developed from various complex algorithms that Google keeps under lock and key. But, according to Google, there are some best practices that will allow you to increase your Quality Score, and increase your “relevance.”

Converting leads is not about brainstorming lots of ideas. Instead, the goal of lead conversion stratgy is to construct the single, best solution to get your customers’ job done better.

Digital transformation with the proper framework will allow your business to better serve your customers by removing the barriers and addressing all their unmet needs.

I’ll leave you with one quote that every marketer should hold dear:

“People do not want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole.”

Theodore Levitt perfectly sums up how marketers and innovators should be trying to grow their brands in this digital age. There’s an amazing amount of money and resources wasted in the digital marketing landscape, and the majority of the professionals don’t seem to know how to fix it. When in reality, the concept of innovation is quite simple.

Innovation within any market comes from a deep understanding of the job the customer is trying to get done, and then do it for them.

For a more in-depth education into AdGroup Relevance, download Evolve Digital Labs free eBook or Visit ClickScore for a FREE Ad Group evaluation.

Thanks to a sophisticated digital marketing strategy, your organization can completely transform your products and service to achieve your customers desired outcome.

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To recap:

Compile your customer’s data. Do your research. Study your customer, their needs, and what job they want to be done. Then, tailor your content to the data.

  • Think about the job from the customer’s perspective, not your company’s.

  • Think big; encompass the entire job, not just a piece of it.

  • Define your market around a functional job, not the emotional goals that accompany it.

Your company’s content strategy is dependent on its ability to create stories that address unmet customer needs, and when you apply this kind of jobs-to-be-done mindset you’re laying a solid structure for growth.

Personalize your Content, Targeting, and Ad Group Relevance to your customer base.

If your team can make sure they’re talking to the right customers at the right time and identify their problem, you’ll receive a massive increase in qualified leads and place them where they want to go through your sales funnel.

Remember: Content is King, engagement is Queen when you’re trying to produce an effective lead nurturing campaign.

Now, go grow your business and convert more clicks into cash.

If this sounds like something outside of your company’s toolbox, reach out to Evolve Digital Labs, we’d love to help your business convert more leads into clients.

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