How to Target On the Display Network

The Display Advertising Network is a group of more than two million websites, applications, videos and other sources where your AdWords ads can appear – if you know what you’re doing, that is. Keep reading to learn about Display Network Targeting.

Display Ad Targeting Examples

Display advertising targeting is one of the best ways to increase the ad campaign reach and also your return on investment. Display networks have the ability to let marketers reach over 90% of ALL Internet users worldwide. Display ads can appear in a wide range of different locations, including but not limited to places like:

  • Google AdSense publisher sites
  • Display Advertising Google sites
    • AdSense for Domains
    • AdSense for Errors
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange publisher sites
  • Google-owned sites
    • Google Finance
    • Blogger
    • YouTube

It’s important to note that Google’s primary Web search is not available in the Display network.


The biggest benefit for Display Network Advertising lies in the advanced targeting options.  You can match your ad to the places where your audiences are likely to be on the Display network. However, understanding placement is critical – placements are locations where your ads can appear like specific pages on a website, mobile apps, partnered with relevant video content and more.

In terms of display benefits, it is important to note there is a broad range of different targeting methods to choose from depending on needs:

  • Contextual Targeting

    You are able to target specific groups of people based on interests, locations, purchasing habits and more.

  • Keywords

    You can target people who are using specific words that are relevant to your larger audience.

  • Topics

    Your ad can appear in front of people who are looking for more information on relevant topics.


There are also some quality options available to help you get the most out of not just your campaign, but also your ultimate ROI. You can choose to go after specific audiences (like “college students” or “single moms”), or interest categories like people who are searching for information that falls in line with the product or service you’re selling.


You can also choose to target people based on demographics. If you want your ad to display in front of 30-year-old moms from Cleveland, Ohio, display advertising targeting is a hugely efficient way to do exactly that. Managed placement targeting, remarketing and more are also advanced techniques you can experiment with to increase this effectiveness level even further.


If you’re searching for more information about how to get the most out of your display advertising and how to achieve a ROI that is as effective as possible, please contact us today for more information. You can also use our free AdWords Grader to unlock even more powerful results right away.

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