Team Evolve Gives Thanks

It’s been another fantastic year at Evolve! We’ve grown by adding some phenomenally talented new team members and had the opportunity to work with some stellar clients a both new and continuing relationships. In keeping with tradition (two years makes it a tradition, right?) below is a list of what each team member is thankful for this year. We hope this gives you a little insight into our team and who we are. Enjoy!

Derek Mabie I am thankful for growth, opportunity, and motivation. I am humbled to be surrounded by people on our team. I am grateful for the clients who allow us to work and learn. I am motivated by the era of change and I am in debt to those supporting and participating, personal & professional, in a vision. For those who are young or indifferent, disconnected or misplaced, there is a chance to build and find satisfaction. There are opportunities that exist to create professional inertia that lead to personal satisfaction and this time in history is rivaled by few other eras for capabilities or writing one’s destiny. I am thankful for all of this and can’t imagine being anymore so.

Jay Buerck I am thankful for my wife, the life we have together, our two dogs, and working in such a supportive environment.

Kai Alcazaren I’m thankful for another day.

Laura Poole I am thankful for 1. The opportunity to be surrounded by smart people every day at work. 2. Evolve hoodies, I could really use one for every day of the week. 3. Family and friends and the constant love and support they show me every day.

Emily Wisely I’m thankful for the wonderful people in my life, a job I love, and my dog.

Adam Hallas I am thankful for the ability to wake up breathing, loving and caring. Also thankful for the reminder that compassion and patience is what helps make the world go round despite what Fox News might say.

Kristy Kuntz I’m thankful for: 1. Evolve’s Growth: It’s been really cool to see how our company has transformed due to the influence of some really awesome new people who each bring a unique perspective and expertise. 2. Supporting Team Members: Taking on new roles and responsibilities and overcoming personal obstacles would have been impossible without the amazing team at Evolve supporting me! 3. Great Clients: Focusing on the healthcare field has given us the opportunity to work with some clients who truly make this world a better place and save lives. Having the opportunity to help them really makes what we do that much more fulfilling. 4. Constant Challenges: I really don’t think a day goes by that I don’t learn something new and significant that challenges me. It’s really rare to work in a place where that’s possible. 5. Maplewood Coffee Shops & Bars: Let’s be honest, without access to these places, the aforementioned challenges may have gotten the best of me :) It’s nice to be able to walk down the road for a beverage and good atmosphere.

Tabitha Tomko I am thankful for so many things this year; a fantastic husband, family, friends and (mostly fantastic) pets. Iam also truly thankful that I have the opportunity to spend every weekday with a team that is enthusiastic, talented and dedicated a and pretty darn funny.

John Bracamontes 1. Family: Need I say more 2. Opportunity: Take it and run with it 3. Intelligent People: The smarter the better 4. The Hustle: Making it happen

Locke George 1. My wife, who makes me a better person. 2. The opportunity to work with intelligent and forward-thinking co-workers and clients. 3. The Evolve Team – Specifically the PPC Team, whose addition and presence has saved my sanity.

Tim Donovan I’m thankful for my family, my health, and the wonderful opportunity at Evolve! What are you thankful for this year, feel free to comment below. Happy holidays from everyone at Team Evolve!