Technical SEO Audit

A comprehensive Technical SEO Audit includes the game plan for effective digital strategy, not just quick fixes to create small SEO boosts.

A 15-minute SEO audit is nothing more than a band-aid. A waste of time. The truth is most businesses need a comprehensive SEO audit to discover how to build their brand online.


The Evolve SEO audit is different because of our framework.

We take a holistic approach and painstakingly analyze your entire business, not just site metrics and site errors.

We analyze your primary customer.  

Evolve Digital Labs Jobs to Be Done Customer Map


Using the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework, we examine the jobs customers are trying to complete when they go online.

We also analyze the language they use.

How do they search for your brand? your competitors?

What terms do they use?

What language is irrelevant to the market?

This Jobs-to-Be-Done-Research serves as a deep-dive into your market and industry competition. It will clearly highlight the opportunities for increasing search engine rankings. Just as importantly, it will find the “sweet spot” for paid online campaigns and digital marketing initiatives.


  • Domain Authority Analysis
    • Domain Authority provides the best insight into your site’s ranking ability and overall health.
    • Domain Authority is ranked from 1 to 100 on a logarithmic scale.
      • Raising your score from 20 to 30 is easier than going from 70 to 80.
      • Do you know how your domain stacks up against local competitors?
  • Site Speed Analysis
    • Slow pages can impact website traffic, especially on mobile.
  • Title and Meta-Relevancy Structure
    • Title Tags and Meta Descriptions influence rankings and click-through rates.
    • Poor Title and Meta Description alignment with page content can be major factors in page rankings.


Customer language analysis is the most critical part of an Evolve technical SEO audit, as it exposes the total market opportunity and your businesses’ true market opportunity.

  • Total Market Opportunity
    • Total Search Volume for the sum of search terms related to your products and services.
  • True Market Opportunity
    • Portion of the total market matching your primary customers
      • This segment or area has the greatest potential for ROI.
  • Evolve identifies the Keyword Topics and Sub-Topics
    • This process outlines how your site should be structured to maximize SEO.
  • Align Keywords and Topics with customer job steps.
    • Using Outcome, Solution and Brand Keyword organization we determine the topics that need expansion and those which naturally push consumers through the conversion funnel.
Customer Language Analysis


  • Define the real competition your business faces online.
  •  By using proprietary tools we pull data from search engines and provide an evaluation of
    • Search engine competition
    • Functionality of competitor sites
    • How those sites meet customer needs
    • Click share
      • Which brands and websites get the most impressions and highest click-through rates?


The goal of every SEO Audit is to provide value for digital assets, which includes:

  • Identifying ways to drive more traffic to high performing pages.
  • Allocating resources to repair conversion problems.
  • Implementing ways to reduce waste, while ultimately making the most of the online opportunities.

After an Evolve Digital Labs  technical SEO audit, site issues are obvious and, in most cases (with Evolve guidance), fixable.

We’ll work with your dev team and other stakeholders to help identify and implement a fix.

We offer optimizations for content and your site’s structure. These optimizations will create opportunities to climb the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

With information on customer language and the consumer path, we highlight the best areas to focus your content. These subjects align with the market demand and the potential for website traffic.

Content Needs and Consumer Workflow Evolve Digital Labs

In addition to technical fixes and content optimizations, we identify ways to improve your site based on new market knowledge.