Telecom PPC

Telecom PPC

One of the most exciting aspects of using PPC advertising for your telecom is the ability to target only the audience that will not just click – but ultimately to become paying customers. Unfortunately, too many brands fail to maximize their PPC efforts by isolating the primary customer, selecting the proper keywords, and creating messaging in ads and landing pages that turn keywords into profits.

Evolve’s team of Google Gold Partner paid search experts can determine your most valuable customer, what keywords they are using to discover your telecom services, and strengthen your messaging in advertising copy. Delivering an overall user experience that speaks to your most valuable customer ensures your marketing dollars are spent as efficiently as possible to achieve your business goals.

Learn how your telecom business can grow through our Google Partners Gold services to transform your PPC campaign through research and strategic planning.

Discovering your Primary Customer

Understanding your primary customer will provide the framework for developing your messaging – using the keywords and language used to search for your telecom services.Driving potential customers to landing pages specific to delivering the outcome to their Internet or phone service job to be done eliminates as much wasteful visits as possible.

Our process puts the focus on your customer’s job and the outcome they seek. Knowing what job they are trying to complete allows for keyword selection to be more than just words on a spreadsheet. These words become opportunities for growth in your industry.

Keyword Selection

PPC is founded on keywords. You need to carefully research and evaluate which terms will perform best to achieve your business goals online. This is the most important part of any PPC campaign as poor keyword selection can drive up costs while underperforming in growth.

The development of a prosperous paid search account depends on keyword selection, which also includes choosing negative keywords. Using negative keywords prevents you from showing up for terms and phrases that are irrelevant to your telecom offerings. We have worked with a national telecom company in which there are over 4 million negative keywords that leads this telecom to substantial gains in their business goals.

Messaging Matches Keyword Selection

PPC success depends greatly on the alignment of your advertisement and the messaging that is received once visiting your telecom website. Telecom keyword research allows you to align your keywords with the proper job step of your most primary customer. These job steps tell you what part of the buying process your potential customers are located – so you can segment out these keywords to deliver a targeted message to that visitor.

Messaging aligned to match the PPC ads and their landing pages ensures that the visitor receives confirmation that they have arrived at the proper location to solve their telecom problem. Landing pages should only be used for one singular message and should never attempt to do any more than that. Narrowing the focus of your landing pages will result in generating more leads and sales for your telecom business.

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