Top Three Things an SEO Audit Reveals

An SEO audit reveals what’s missing, what’s standing in the way and how to move passed obstacles. It’s no secret SEO has evolved. From the importance of links and meta descriptions to high SERP rankings, a lot has changed. There are no longer quick fixes.  How_SEO_Has_Evolve

Evaluating where your site stands has a lot to do with answering a few critical questions.

We typically suggest clients undergo an SEO audit when a business can not succinctly answer the following questions.

  • Online Opportunity

    Can you identify your business’s online opportunity?

  • Investment Strategy

    Do you have a fiscally responsible investment strategy?

  • Market Segments

    Are your markets properly segmented?

  • Threats

    What are the threats in your marketplace?

  • Search Visibility

    What’s your plan for maximizing search visibility?

  • Conversions

    Is your website primed to drive conversions?


An audit focuses on three primary components:

  • Market opportunity and threat assessment, including competitive analysis
  • On-site technical assessment
  • Growth Barrier Analysis

These components are all equally important – think of a bar stool, if one of the legs is too short, you won’t have a seat for long.


Evolve will define the market by two distinct segments.

The “Total Market”  is defined as search engine queries happening every month that are related to your products or services and those of competitors.

The “True Market” is defined by just search phrases that more closely correspond with your unique product and service lines.

The “True Market” should be the area where you focus your efforts. Those searches are areas where your business or association will realize the biggest opportunity for growth and positive ROI.


How does your site perform? The technical aspects of an SEO Audit expose how search engines see and interact with your site, as well as how users are experiencing and navigating your site.

Evolve evaluates:

  • Site Response
    • 404 Errors and other onsite issues are a signal to Google that your site may not be as trusted for a user and impact your ability to rank.
    • Load time is also a major factor in SERP rankings. Google has a mobile-first focus, so a non-mobile friendly site, will keep your website off SERPs.
  • Content Visibility
    • We determine if all the pages on your site are crawlable to search engines. If an engine can’t find it, a consumer definitely won’t.
  • Page Relevancy
    • Does the content on your site line up with the Page Title, URL and Meta Description?  Are you serving up the content that your target markets seek? Since every search query reflects someone’s Job-to-Be-Done, it’s critical that your site provide the information/answers to complete that job.



Click Share, is the number of monthly estimated clicks divided by paid clicks for competitors and other sites relevant to your service or industry receive. It is also a critical audit factor. Click Share reveals the opportunities for your business on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Determining Click Share will help us highlight threats in the marketplace; including things like Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Knowledge Graphs show information directly within the Search Engine Results Page, instead of as a listing. Below is an example of a Google Knowledge Graph for Strep Throat. Knowledge panels or graphs typically show up on pages that do not serve ads. Presumably, this is so users can move on to their next search, where Google will feature an ad.

Example Of Google Knowledge Panel

Our proprietary SEO audit tools include technology to scrape or evaluate search engine results for thousands of keywords. This takes time and attention to detail that an Automated SEO Tool cannot provide.


Content Realignment

What you call something and what your visitors call the same thing may differ dramatically. The audit reveals how consumers search, the language that’s missing from your site, content opportunities and the overall information architecture needs.

ite content does not match search terms

Technical Barriers

This component identifies the site server and technical improvements which can be made to boost and improve overall organic performance and user experience. Issues typically exposed include poor use of titles and meta descriptions, site speed load errors, redirect issues, poor mobile experience and duplicate content.

Technical issues revealed from SEO audit

Click Share

This audit component reveals how brand queries impact your business verus competitors – including evaluation and understanding of local and national competitors.Click_Share_Branded.Vs.Non_Branded_Keywords


  1. Organizations that tie marketing metrics directly to business objectives are three times more likely to hit their business goals.
  2.  An SEO Audit will enable you to gain an understanding of the power behind your site. You will have a detailed grasp on technical issues and appropriate fixes. The SEO Audit will also reveal the cost of surpassing competitors online, along with the costs for engagement with customers.

After an audit, a custom dashboard will align the market opportunities with goals and reveal the KPIs that really matter to your success.

SEO_Audit_Reveals _Dashboard_Goals


Review the video below to learn more about the Evolve Digital Labs SEO Audit process and improving your site functionality with a partner like Engage Software.

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