How to Do a SEO Check Online

There are a number of different ways to do an SEO Check Online. Some are automated while others feature human auditing. We prefer to leverage a combination of the best-automated tools along with detailed human analysis to create a comprehensive SEO Audit. The automated tools can work tirelessly and minimize mistakes, but humans analysis can put things into context in ways that machines cannot.

This SEO Audit Checklist is a great place to start. It includes a high-level overview of how to check website SEO.




Analyze how your site is performing in engines.

As you know the ability to rank in search is critical to the success of your business.

In Google perform a site search by entering “” into the Google search bar. All the pages which are being indexed by Google will show up in the search results.

Below is an example of the pages that are pulled for Evolve Digital Labs.

We also recommend looking at the total number of pages indexed (essentially how many pages Google sees). The Evolve site has 503 pages, and all 503 are indexed by Google. If your site has more pages than are being indexed you’ve got an issue.

Site search check S.E.O.

Next, we will perform brand searches for all our products and services.

A brand search is a query that includes your brand name for instance “Evolve Digital Labs SEO Audit” would be a brand query.

“Harvard Law School” is also an example of a brand query.

Searchers could simply type “SEO Audit” or “Law School” instead, they use a brand to find the specific business or program they want to more information about.

The results from this type of search highlight how human understanding of context is crucial. The engine will return what it will return, but it is up to you, the analyst, to understand and translate what the results mean to you or your client.


There are multiple diagnostic tools which provide an excellent look under your website’s “hood,” so to speak.

Specifically, to check website seo, you’ll want to analyze Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for incomplete content, duplicate content, and keyword usage.

What are title tags?

  • Title Tags are one of the most important elements search engine crawlers use to determine page relevancy. “Pay Per-Click-Management – Paid Campaigns – Evolve Digital Labs” is the title tag for the URL By looking at the example below, can you understand how important your title tag truly is?
  • These tags should be unique for every page and detail the information provided on the page in a concise manner.
  • There are length requirements for title tags, no more than 60 characters or 512 pixels.

What are meta descriptions?

  • Meta descriptions are the 2-3 lines of text that follow the URL on a search engine results page.
  • Meta descriptions are not vital for search engine rankings but do significantly impact Click-Through-Rates, these should be actionable and include relevant keywords.

Keep in mind these are not the only things we check but a very high-level SEO check.


Check Website SEO:  Review Server Redirect Response Codes

When pages are not found or do not load, the result is a negative experience for the user. (and trust us – a negative experience for your user is a negative experience for you!)

If they immediately leave, Google will not rank the page or serve it frequently.

Review error codes and what they mean. 

Evolve recommends using a tool like Screaming Frog to perform a site crawl and check pages for errors. 400 or 500 level status codes mean the pages did not load.

  • 400 Errors, most commonly 404 errors, indicate a page cannot be found. 404s typically show up when a link is misspelled or no longer active.
  • 500 Errors mean there is an issue on the website’s server. This signifies a website is not setup correctly to accept a URL or process the request.

Ideally, your site has no errors, but things happen – especially when more than one person at your company works on, adds to, or edits things on your website. It wouldn’t hurt to do this type of review and maintenance on an occasional basis.


    Google is prioritizing mobile experience. You may have heard the phrases “mobile first” and “Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP).” Google is primarily focused on the mobile version of a site, meaning sites with a easy to use mobile experience will rank higher than sites with poor mobile experience.
    There are a number of different ways to analyze mobile-friendliness, including doing a mobile speed test and page assessment.


We may have jumped into some specific examples up above. It is important to remember some basic aspects when you need to check website seo for your site.. Although there are an infinite number of resources that lay out best practices on these, you sometimes need a human analyst to step back and look at the fundamentals. The other main factors we analyze for search engine friendliness are the:

  • Homepage layout
  • Internal page layout
  • Content quality
    • Does content answer a searcher’s questions?
    • Is content easy read and navigate?


Conversion optimization is a very important factor for SEO.

If searchers can not complete the job they set out to do when visiting your site than what good is your site? That seems like a subjective quality, but Google and other search engines have ways of scoring how “good” your website is as providing relative content.

For instance, if someone searches for “Get SEO audit checklist,” s/he better be able to download an SEO audit checklist on your site.

Whatever your business does, your online visitor should be able to purchase, convert, or make the call. You may be providing plenty of great content, but you need places for interaction  – not only for your relationship to the visitor, but for search engines to be able to gauge your site. In the long run, appeasing the search engines is just as detrimental as appeasing your target market.

If conversions are not happening on your site than there are likely issues and a diagnosis is needed.

We are happy to assist you with SEO. If you have questions about possible website issues you are experiencing reach out or need assistance to rank online, please contact us.  We’ll provide experts to make the SEO process an easy one.

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