How Will Google’s My Activity Impact Advertising?

Google’s recently launched “My Activity” page enables users to see almost their entire Internet history. The pages set the stage for a brand new form of personalized ad targeting.

Google's My Activity

My Activity

Here’s a look at the Google “My Activity” page . A full catalogue of search queries, page views and YouTube views – essentially everything ever done from a Google-connected account.

Users can configure filters by dates, search terms and products. For instance; want to check your holiday shopping history from last year? You can. Here are a few sites we visited from Black Friday to New Years, according to “My Activity”.

Google Activity Example for Holiday Search History

There’s also detailed information on devices and locations. But, shopping search history is not the point in this case – it’s more about the level of detail and data.

Google has given users the power to update their “My Activity” and history through activity controls. They can eliminate searches and products that are not relevant to their lives, while dictating the topics and products they want to see ads for.

“My Activity” tailors the online experience to provide ads targeted for hyper-specific segments. Users can select the ads they want to see, the messaging that Google serves, and their overall online experience.

Google will no longer sell clicks from search queries but precise customer segments, or even the customers themselves.

What does My Activity mean for Advertisers?

So what does this mean for marketing? There’s no word on any new product launches but “My Activity” will ultimately inform data, devices and products — creating an improved process to anticipate what a user might want to buy.

Google is just beginning to show the power it has to serve personalized ads and deliver customers.

Brands and advertisers will be able to identify audience segments they want to target and instantly reach qualified leads.  Since users can opt-in, and select the searches they want Google to leverage, messaging will be even more pertinent.

Informed Audience Awareness

Google is dipping its toe in the water of targeting and personalized messaging.  Advertisers will have to be ready to dive in to digital. A full funnel approach that’s informed by CRM analysis and keyword research will make all the difference.  Truly understanding the needs of customers and the experience they want when arriving on your site or landing page is critical.

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