What is Search Retargeting?

What is Search Retargeting?

Retargeting is a valuable tool that can be integrated into your digital marketing plan in order to convert consumers at a higher rate than with traditional online marketing vehicles. It is a great supplement to your SEO, PPC, Display, and overall interactive strategy. It allows a marketer to serve up banner ads on display network websites across the Internet to users who have visited a certain website or web page (which you can read more about here).

One type of Retargeting provides marketers with a way to reach potential customers based on what they’ve looked for online. This method, Search Retargeting, serves up banner ads on networks of sites to users who have previously searched for a brand name or relevant keyword phrases on a search engine.

In this instance, a user only needs to search for a phrase you’ve indicated within your Retargeting account is relevant to your brand. When the user searches and clicks on a site that is not yours, they will then be served your banner ads as they move through the web, therefore “retargeting” a qualified audience.

How do you know what keywords are relevant to your brand?

The keyword research process should not be underestimated. During keyword research, we are able to determine what phrases will deliver the most qualified traffic for your investment. No guesswork, no assumptions: Just true analytical data with applied strategy to highly target your future customers.

On which sites will your ads be displayed?

Where your Retargeting ads will show is dependent upon which ad network is chosen for your campaign. Ad networks should be chosen based on reach, volume, reputation, vertical specialties, and the site mix within the network. Some ad networks provide additional targeting features such as specific site or industry selections. These are great options to consider when beginning a campaign in order to target niche markets.

Search Retargeting allows a marketer to reach users who are looking for what you have to offer, but haven’t yet made it to your website. It turns out these users who are “search retargeted” are up to 70% more likely to complete a conversion than those users who are not. They are also likely to spend up to 50% more.

Instant Technology

Some providers of this online marketing vehicle now offer “instant” search retargeting, which means users are able to see a retargeted banner on a site almost directly after they have conducted a search query.

While some platforms may take anywhere from one day up to one month to serve banner ads, the instant technology closes this window gap by allowing advertisers to have immediate targeting capabilities. You’re able to reach users who are searching now instead of those who have searched in the recent past. Studies show that instant search retargeting can increase click-through rates up to ten times higher than standard search retargeting campaigns.

Closing the Competition Gap

When you review your organic ranking reports or your paid search data, you’re able to gather how many impressions did not result in clicks; clicks, visits, customers and conversions lost to your competition.

When you take these missed organic and paid opportunities and stay in front of them with Search Retargeting, you are increasing your advantage to gain these opportunities as converting customers. After all, these are people who are looking for terms relevant to you.

Why would you not follow up on a potential lead and nab them from the competition?

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