Where Does Content Fit into the SEO Audit?

Our SEO Audit, as we have mentioned, covers three main areas. The first is an On-Site Analysis that determines the quality of your site. This is a thorough dissection of the factors of your website and its pages that affect the way users and search engines perceive and gauge your site. Evolve will run reports that reveal how well the search engines can crawl your pages. Page Ranking pie chart   We examine the visual aesthetics and usability of your site to see whether visitors will enjoy exploring your pages. The second part of the audit is the Competitive Analysis. Here we closely scrutinize the brand’s top three competitors and compare how each one performs online. We examine the keywords they target, the quality and quantity of inbound links from outside sources, and the level of content that is displayed on their website pages. The final step of our SEO Audit is our keyword research, which we deliver to the client to use at their discretion. Ideally these terms will be leveraged in multiple ways, such as paid Search campaigns, on-site content, and link building efforts. Evolve’s SEO Audit is an extensive report, addressing all areas that require a webmaster’s attention and action. One recurring theme that we stress is the importance of content. You’ve heard us exclaim “Content is King!” because it is true. In this digital realm, content sits on the royal throne. This chart from SEOmoz categorizes the various factors of a website that influence its ability to succeed. Read on to discover the ways content is part of our SEO Audit. Content greatly impacts a website’s ability to rank well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and it affects the likelihood of a user choosing your site from the millions of query results. Evolve dives into the back end of your site, the areas that most brands try to forget about. This is where we take a peek at the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, which are the snippets of text that show up in the SERPs. If they are not relevant, unique, enticing, and descriptive, we recommend changes that will increase the probability of users clicking through to your website. We also review the keywords used, since these terms have a significant role in determining which terms you rank for when the search engine bots crawl your site. Getting users to your website is one thing; the other challenge is keeping them there. That’s where content comes into play once again. Effective communication and a clear, consistent message can spike your conversion rates. Some brands still have the mindset that a greater density of keywords will boost rankings for the terms used. That is not the case; rather, content should be written for people, not search engines. Well-written content can be the difference between someone bouncing from your site and completing a conversion. Finally, content is the source of your influence. Search engines gauge website authority based on how many outside sites link to your website. The more links you get, especially from valid sources, the greater influence you will have. Solid content is the best way to gain natural inbound links. It doesn’t have to be confined to the pages of your site, either. Our link building methods are “white hat,” meaning they do not involve shady link buying. The SEO Audit, as mentioned, features keyword research that can inspire your link building efforts.