Which AdWords Keywords Are Helping Your Campaigns?

Do you know which keywords are worth keeping?

Discover four ways to tell if AdWords keywords are helping or hurting your PPC campaigns. 

By far, the biggest difference between success and failure for Adwords campaigns comes down to the keywords. Our keyword research process can take weeks because keywords are so critical to the success of campaigns. Thus knowing which keywords are working and which are not at any given moment cannot be overstated.

The AdWords Keyword Performance Report allows you to track your keyword performance on an ongoing basis, letting you see up-to-the-minute and accurate information about how you’re performing, possible adjustments and more. 


There are four ways to gain valuable insight on the effectiveness of your keywords.

  • Search Terms Report

    The search terms are the actual words and queries  people use to trigger your ad. The Search Terms Report is an invaluable tool to help make sure your ads are being served not just for the terms that you’re targeting, but also to the right people at the right time.

  • Conversion Report

    Helps track your most productive phrases so you know which ones you should be emphasizing or allocating budget resources to.  Sorting by conversions lets you see which keywords bring in the most conversions.

  • Quality Score

    QS matters more than you think. The lower the score the higher your costs, the inverse is also true.

  • AdWords performance report

    There are countless “Free” AdWords resources. Some are gated off, though, requiring advertisers to sign up, then get bombarded with spammy emails. The Evolve Digital Labs built an AdWords Grader called ClickScore that is fast, free and secure. Get your ClickScore now. We promise not to spam your email!


After you sign into your Adwords account, just:

Click on the tab labeled “Campaigns.”

Choose the tab labeled “Keywords.”

Next select the tab labeled “Search Terms.”

Then simply click the “Download” button.


Your Conversion Report tracks your most productive phrases so you know which ones you should be emphasizing. Sorting by conversions lets you see which keywords bring in the most conversions. While sorting by conversion RATE allows you to see which keywords are the most effective at generating conversions. You can also use the report to search by cost per conversion, enabling you to see which phrases you’re currently spending the most money on to generate those conversions.

To run your Conversion Report, log into your Adwords account and click on the tab labeled “Campaigns.” Once you do that, you can:

Click on the tab labeled “Keywords.” Add or remove columns from the table labeled “Statistics” to make sure you actually see the columns you want to include in your report.

Click on the name of a column to sort your report by that topic.

To download your report, click the button labeled “Download.”


As a rule of thumb, the lower Quality Score the higher costs an advertiser will  pay. The reverse is also true. The higher Quality Score the lower cost-per-click. To get the most for your money aim for a Quality Score of at least 7 or higher.

A wide range of different factors all impact your Quality Score, including but not limited to things like:

  • Ad Relevance
  • Expected CTR
  • Landing Page Experience 


Sign into your Adwords account to check your Quality Score.

Click the tab labeled “Campaigns”

Next select the “Keywords” tab.

Click the white speech bubble icon next to a listed keyword to find out more information about that particular term’s Quality Score. You can also see things like expected click-through rate and landing page experience. 


In addition to the steps above, you can get further insight into the effectiveness of your keywords via the Evolve AdWords Grader. Our grader checks keyword relevance, matching types and negative keywords usage. The AdWords Grader report card details tangible insight for improved performance with a few clicks.  Each AdWords report card includes a free PPC consultation. Grade your AdWords now 

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